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Wrestling Around The World

Wrestling Around The World

Different Wrestling Styles In The World

So I’ve been interested in the sport of wrestling recently. Funny how there are many different variations of wrestling throughout the world. In parts of the West, we have Greek and standard wrestling. In Asia, we have Sumo, Mongolian Wrestling, and Judo. In Latin America we have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They are all not the same, but the concept is pretty much the same. Try to win the opponent.

Greek Wrestling

For most Westerners reading this, you probably now what this is. We wrestle for points and the points depend on how difficult the moves are. If you watch the Olympics you can see world class wrestlers from different weights. It requires, strength, stamina, and strategy. It’s about who get’s the most points. Usually the gear or the wear is spandex or GI. Not my favourite but it is a good combination of different skills.

Asian Forms of Wrestling

Sumo – sumo is pretty straightforward. You need speed and strength. Having extra weight helps, but I’ve watched documentaries where the athletes have to eat thousands of calories and add visceral fat, not just fat itself. It gives them weight as well as strength. The rule is pretty simple, you try to push the opponent off the ring or make them fall. Bouts can last for only a few seconds, so if you’re looking for intense action packed form of wrestling watch Sumo.

I’ll classify Judo and Mongolian Wrestling the same category since the principle behind them is to make sure your opponent falls. There are some similar throwing techniques in them, but Judo is a little different as it has scoring points and is timed. Mongolian wrestling can take for hours and the first to fall loses. However, in Judo you have different scoring points, and the person to get the highest wins. Judo can also include chokes and other dangerous moves.

Latin American Wrestling

Finally to my favourite. I am sure you have heard of the Gracies. They introduced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu inspired by Japanese martial arts such as Judo and their for of Jiu Jitsu. They took the world by surprise, especially in the UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championships) when Royce Gracie won the tournament despite his size and powerful strikes. That is when the sport of fighting was changed, and soon enough, everyone started to train in wrestling and grappling form of fighting style. The main principle is to tap out your opponent or choke them out.

Which Is The Better Sport?

I am going to be biased here, as I already stated my favourite sport. BJJ, is not only a test of stamina and strategy, but it’s one of the most effective forms of fighting as well. However, it does have it’s limitations. As far as real life applicable situations, one on one, an average BJJ student will win your average thug most of the time. However, if it is between multiple opponents, the other forms are going to fare better. Without going to the ground, they can throw me away or distract them enough to at least have a chance.

As far as entertainment, it comes down to personality. Do you enjoy chess like moves and strategic thought or fast paced action? BJJ, Greek Wrestling and Mongolian Wrestling are the way to go for people who don’t mind the long viewing time. Judo and Sumo is for you if you enjoy faster matches.

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