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Why I Love Sports

Why I Love Sports

Sport Is Human History

Sports have existed throughout the centuries since the early days. It is part of human history. It is something we can’t get rid of even if we tried. Football, basketball, horse racing, wrestling; you name it! We have unique types of sport for every culture. We are not only testing our might, but we are also connecting with our deepest souls.

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought, or lost in an activity that you momentarily forgot time? When you are living deep from within your soul, it does not feel like work. That is what sports allows us to do, to connect with your higher selves and focus on the present moment. It is also a great stress reliever and great for our health. It’s common knowledge, you can further read the details in this article.

Playing sports for better communication

When we are in a team that is working together to beat the opponents, communication is key and requires bonding between members that improve our team-working abilities. The reason why so many employers prefer athletes over non athletes of the same qualifications is because, athletes in general have better social and communication skills. Hence it is beneficial for the company.

I was in the swim team during my college years, and although it is an individual results based sport, the team aspect of it was one of the most important things. When I was sick of doing another lap, my teammates kept me accountable to finish my workout. Whenever I had my events, my teammates would cheer me on along the sideline giving me emotional support. And I did the same for my comrades. We always had each others’ back.

Sports For Clearer Thinking

Have you ever went to the gym and had one of the most amazing workouts? How did you feel afterwards? Relaxed mos probably, but perhaps more clarity with whatever issue you were dealing with? Repressing our emotional feelings is very counterproductive to our thoughts. Any form of physical activity serves as an outlet for our anger, excitement, sadness, etc. Sometimes I like to go beat the shi* out of boxing bags, whenever I feel down.

After every intense session, that’s when I feel the most creative, the most productive, and the most effective when it comes to certain projects. The level of focus is unmatched. Try it! Whenever you feel sluggish and a little rusty, get some cardio in. Try doing a few push-ups and get the blood flowing. You will soon realize that you have so much more energy.

It’s How We Grow Stronger Physically & Emotionally

Have you seen babies play with each other? Even animals? Surely you must have seen puppies running around playing with each other. BBC explains further here. In short, we grow stronger through play, “sports” so that we are prepared for any future adversities. Social adversities, physical adversities, etc. Playing by ourselves and with others, allows us to unconsciously build skills that are beneficial in the future. So next time your son or daughter wants to go play with his/her friends, remember that you are helping them grow within themselves.

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