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About me

About ORG

Hi sports lovers! My name is Org, and I love sports. Not just watching them, but actually learning them. I was on my county’s football team when I was 8 and throughout Middle School. In college I was on the swim team as well as the Track and Field team.


There are many other different sports I enjoy, such as BJJ, Tennis, Ping Pong, Skate-Boarding, etc. They all are very enjoyable and with every new sport I always learn something. I think that is what sports are about. It’s not only a test of your physical strength, but it also shows something about yourself.


Whether it is learning about strategy, discipline, strength, and many other important traits. Sports have existed throughout human history and it they are representations of the culture and says a lot about them. Besides sports, I like to travel and try to learn different cultures and how different types of sports exist. So if you enjoy that aspect, hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures.